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Erv's Favorite Links : Below is where I will Link any Web-site that I have done and show video's that I did for C. Gale Perkins and other author's to promote their book/books that I promote in Erv's Book Advertiser.


C. Gale Perkins is the author of "The Baby's Cross" and she also had published a book titled : Transcending Time : Poems by an Angel. Gale is available for any radio or Television station that would like to have her on their show. Gale is a great choice for a guest and I will be more than glad to send her all offers.

Ervin E. Harmon Videos on Google


C. Gale Perkins is very proud to be part of the "On The Lake

Production Notes of the documentary film

 "On The Lake"

Click Here



 Erv's Links

Here is some links I go to quite often.

Center Street Auto Racing Videos
The Great Taste No Pain Program
The Locator Video's

Making A Video DVD The Easy Way

Erv's Guide For Finding School Yearbooks

Erv's Book Advertiser

Erv's Camcorders For Sale

Making a PDF Simplified

The Baby's Cross by C. Gale Perkins

Hugs N Kisses..The Clown

"Thoughts For Thought" by Rachel Elaine

Search Engine Help by Ervin E. Harmon

My Mother's Poems by C. Gale Perkins

Dairy Goats and the Different Breeds of Goats

Video's by Ervin E. Harmon




Below is a video of a Book signing

C. Gale Perkins did at Stonehedge.





Below is a video of C. Gale perkins while at the Lakeville State Sanitorium in Lakeville, Ma.





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