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Welcome to Center Street Auto. We are into racing and we hope that you will check out some of the races that we are in. If you have a need for a good place to take your car to for repairs or alignments please consider Center Street auto at 180 Center Street in beautiful Groveland, Ma. 01834

  I have put some racing clips on here for people to enjoy. 

Russell Douphinette won the Strictly championship
 on 14 Oct. 2006. It was not an easy road
 as Russell had a lot of great competition. 



Note : Russell and Ronnie Douphinette own and operate Center Street Auto in Groveland, Ma.  If you like the way their cars run on the track imagine what they  could do to your car to make it run better.
Think about it and contact them
 at Center Street Auto in Groveland.
Steve Douphinette Just won the 2008 Strictly Championship at All-Star Speedway.

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Let The Racing Begin
Below is a video of the Strictly Mechanics race that took place at Star Speedway in 2006. This was done the year before Star Speedway became All-Star Speedway. This race was won by Jeff Douphinette.
Strictly Feature 23 June 07
Dennis Dumas won the race on 30 June 07
Strictly Feature on 4 Aug 07




Strictly Feature 7 July 07 Below
Needs reloaded Doesn't work
Strictly Feature 18 Aug 07


Strictly Feature 25 Aug 07 


Strictly Feature 1 Sept 07




This is where the 2008 Strictly Feature Races will be a lot of the video's started to not work so I will make it so you can watch them by clicking on the race you want to watch.
Strictly Feature 17 May 08
Strictly Feature 7 June 08
Strictly Feature 14 June 08

Strictly Feature One 21 June 08


Strictly Feature 5 July 08


Strictly Feature 12 July 08

This is where the 2008 Super Street Feature Races will be. A lot of the video's started to not work so I will make it so you can watch them by clicking on the race you want to watch.
Super Street Heat One 24 May 08
Super Street Heat Two 24 May 08


2009 Racing Video's
Below you will find both Strictly and Streeter races ran at All-Star Speedway. I will possibly not be going to many races this year . If you have a video and would like to have me post it Let me know about it.

All-Star Opener Modifieds Heat 5/2/2009

All-Star Opener Fast 4's Heat 5/2/2009

All-Star Opener Strictly Stocks Heat 5/2/2009

Feature Streeter Race 13 June 2009

Feature Strictly Race 13 June 2009

Feature Strictly Race 8 Aug 09

Streeter Feature Race 15 Aug 09

Strictly Feature Race 15 Aug 09

This was done by Ervin E. Harmon for
C. Gale Perkins who is a Douphinette
 racing Fan. I hope you enjoyed it.