Changing CFHS Web-sites

CFHS Web-site Changes
From :
Ervin Harmon the new CFHS website webmaster.
May of 2009
The CFHS website : will not be updated and will be discontinued when it is no longer needed. The only reason I am keeping it online is because it has information on it that I don't want to lose before I can get it on the web-site I will use.
The reason I am changing the web-sites Is because the one/ones I am going to use is easier to update and make changes, plus I am not as familiar with the old web-site as I am the other two that I will use.
The two completed web-sites I have done and will use for CFHS is :
this one is a Tripod web-site
This one is an Angelfire web-site
I have sent a notice of this change which will be on this CFHS Alumni web-site soon.
If anyone has questions feel free to contact me. If you have any changes like an e-mail
change let me know.
The two new web-sites are up and running and I hope people will send me any changes such as address or e-mail change. The old web-site will not get changes made to the Member Roster and Obituaries.
If you see anything that is wrong or something you would like changed let me know.,