CLASS REUNION   June 23, 2007






Susie White Jorgensen & Gerry Bernard Martinson

Ellen Pohl and Sharon Hoffer Kingsley (front seat)
Gwen Gersema Hayes and Shirley Nielsen Lincoln (back seat)


Carl Highgenboten, Roger Fiscus, Dean Baker


Our classy float

Dave Skaggs, Carl Clopton, Addison Bergfalk, Dean Baker, Sharon Hoffer Kingsley,
Peggy Nelson Bergfalk, Fred Manley, Howard Bunger, and Gerry and Jerry Martinson


Barbara Cole Heitland, Jeanine Riter Bley, Joyce Christensen Probert, Carol Rogers Hoeweler,
Ed Hollis, Addison Bergfalk, and John Bertlshofer

Dennis Johnson, Barbara Cole Heitland, Jeanine Riter Bley, John Roskam,
Barbara Backerman Hazen, Ellen Pohl, and Jerry Hayes.


Preparing for Take-Off


Dean Baker, Fred Manley, John Jordan, and Bill Paup

Waiting for the Parade (That's the NEW Lincoln School in the background.)


Waiting for the Parade

And waiting

Susie White Jorgensen, Marcia Robinson Congdon, Sandra Straight Seeks,
Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus & Frances Smith Fox


Carl Highgenboten, Jerry Hayes, Dean Baker,
John Hill, Don Hansen & Ralph Congdon

Charles Trask, Float Designer

Lois Madsen Lueck, Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus, Paul Steele, Ginger Lee Hood, and Kay Bramblette Gray

Sandra Straight Seeks, Shirley Nielsen Lincoln, Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus,
Jackie Oelberg Schaab, Jerry Hayes, and Kay Bramblette Gray

Bill Paup, John Jordan, Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus, Roger Fiscus, and Sandra Straight Seeks

Dee Ann Schafer Christensen

Marcia Robinson Congdon and Ralph Congdon

Barbara Hill, Sue Ann Hansen & Sheila Highgenboten





Fred Manley


Dick Nelson


Jerry Martinson and Don Hansen

Gene Larsen and Sandra Straight Seeks

Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus and Carl Highgenboten

Mari Carnal Byers and Barbara Backerman Hazen

Ruth and John Roskam and Ellen Pohl

Jackie Oelberg Schaab and Gwen Gersema Hayes

Bud Gilson, Donna Price Thran, and John Roskam

Frances Smith Fox and Terry Ley

Dennis Johnson and John Jordan

Ellen Pohl, Lois Madsen Lueck, Joyce Christensen Probert,
Barbara Backerman Hazen, Jeanine Riter Bley,
and Beverly Pollock Beenken

Susie White Jorgensen and Gwen Gersema Hayes

Mary Jo Fiscus and Jackie Oelberg Schaab

Judy Jensen Eriksen, Bert Lamb, Jackie Oelberg Schaab,
Kay Bramblette Gray, Carl Highgenboten, Sandra Straight Seeks
Billie Jean Johnstone Brennecke

Sue Ann Hansen, Barb & John Hill

Roger Fiscus, Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus, Judy Jensen Eriksen

Gene and Michele Larsen and Addison and Peggy Nelson Bergfalk

Mary Lou Petersen Petersen, Jeanine Riter Bley, and Carol Rogers Hoeweler

Barbara Nutting Locke and Billie Jean Johnstone Brennecke, and Al Brennecke

(front row) Sharon Hoffer Kingsley, Kay Bramblette Gray, and Jackie Oelberg Schaab;
(back row) Shirley Nielsen Lincoln, Sandra Straight Seeks, Judy Jensen Eriksen,
Billie Jean Johnstone Brennecke, Frances Smith Fox, and Gwen Gersema Hayes

Don Beisner and Carl Highgenboten

Sue Ann Hansen, Barbara and John Hill, Joyce Christensen Probert

Jackie Oelberg Schaab, Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus, and Marcia Robinson Congdon

John Hill and Don Beisner

Carl Highgenboten & Judy Bertch Stayduhar

Dave Garrison & Dick and Mery Nelson

Fred Maney & Wayne Madsen

Gwen Gersema Hayes & Faye Blankinship Hunt

John Roskam, John and Mary Evelyn Bertishofer

Mari Carnal Byers & Gwen Gersema Hayes

Don and Patricia Juhl & Susie White Jorgensen

Clyde "Rusty" Smith & Dorothy McBroom Dillon

Shirley Nielsen Lincoln & Marcia Robinson Congdon

Dennis (Whitey) Johnson & Donna Price Thran

Jeanne Riter Bley & Carol Rogers Hoeweler

Addison Bergfalk & John Bertlshofer

Billie Jean Johnstone Brennecke, Al Brennecke, and Dick Nelson

Charles Trask

Gerry Bernard Martinson and Kay Bramblette Gray

(front seat) Ellen Pohl; (back) Gwen Gersema Hayes, Shirley Nielsen Lincoln,
Sharon Hoffer Kingsley, and Judy Jensen Eriksen

Carl Highgenboten, Jerry Hayes, Dean Baker, John Hill, Don Hansen, and Ralph Congdon

Kay Bramblette Gray and Paul Steele

Milferd and Sandra Lee Kelley


Mary Jo Kofron Fiscus and Ginger Lee Hood



Richard and Jeanne Sorenson and Shirley Nielsen Lincoln

Arlyn (Arty) and Karen Harberts


Jerry Martinson, Dick Nelson's sister Jan (CFHS '58), and Gerry Bernard Martinson

The Manual Arts School gang, most of whom started kindergarten together:  (front row)  Jackie Oelberg Schaab, Gwen Gersema Hayes, Shirley Nielsen Lincoln, Mary Lou Petersen Petersen, Jeanine Riter Bley, Judy Jensen Eriksen, and Joyce Christensen Probert; (back row) Paul Steele, Wayne Madsen, Don Hansen, Dee Ann Schafer Christensen, Ralph Congdon, John Roskam, and Terry Ley



Jim and Joyce Williamson