YouTube Tips To Promote items you

 sell on the Internet

by  Ervin E. Harmon

I do it and you can too. I tell all as at 75 I will retire soon, and this system is too good to not do.

If you have something you are selling on line

you can make up a slide show advertising what it is you are selling and put a link to it on YouTube.

You can make good money only working a few hours a  week buying and selling on the internet and You Tube can be a great way to promote what it is you sell.


I will tell you some of the ways I use YouTube, and you can come up with some ways you can make it work for you. 

I have made a Kindle and a Nook on "High School Wrestling Tips". Here is a link to my Ad on YouTube about the Wrestling Kindle.

Here is a Link to my favorite Author C. gale Perkins web site. She wrote "The Baby's Cross" and two other great books.


Here is another Link to my favorite Author C. Gale Perkins web site.


When you make your YouTube Ad you put the links in the Description so when people look at it they will see the link and be able to click on it. 

First you will need to sign up with YouTube and get a User name and password and after that is done you can upload to YouTube. You can upload a video or a slideshow. Whichever you do it is good to make them short as your main goal is to try to promote your item and bring attention to it. I think 30 seconds would be long enough. 

You can have items on Amazon Marketplace that you sell, or Kindles or Nooks but any promoting that you can do will help your sales. If you don't promote you may not sell many items. 

Here is some of my Kindles I have on Amazon.

Type in Ervin Harmon for my Kindles

Below is a link to my Nooks on Barnes and Noble

Type in Ervin Harmon for my  Nooks


I also sell items on Amazon Marketplace so I will give you a link to click on to see what I have there.


If I had anything I was selling on ebay which I don't have at the present time I could link to my ebay URL.


When you upload to YouTube you will also put information in that is asked for such as keywords.

You want to put in information that will help people

find your YouTube video. Put your name, what the video is about and also look to see what others put as that will help you come up with keywords. You will find other peoples keywords when you look at the video and just below the video you will see "SHOW MORE" if you click on that you will see a description and Links and below that some Keywords. See what others put it may help you because the better the keywords the more people will find your video. 

Also when you upload another thing you can do is make your video private so that the only people that can look at it is people that has the URL. If you put a video on YouTube that you have linked in your Kindle or Nook you won't want everyone to see it if you want to make money selling your Kindle or Nook. This is great as you can put a video on YouTube that no one can look at unless you give them the URL and you can link this in your Kindle or Nook. 

You will want everyone to see your ad you put in promoting your Kindle, Nook, or something you have for sale on the Internet so you won't want to prevent people from seeing it. So you make that public or available to all. 

Good Luck and

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